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Our series
Name Title
ASPAP Amsterdam Studies in Papyrology
ATHOS Actes de L’Athos (Supplement to Vizantysky Vremennik)
BBA Berliner Byzantinische Arbeiten
BF Byzantinische Forschungen
BPHIL Bochumer Studien zur Neugriechischen und Byzantinischen Philologie
BS Bibliotheca Slavonica
CASTR Corpus des astronomes byzantins
CBMONO Classical and Byzantine Monographs
CLLI Classics in the Libraries
CRETAN Cretan Studies.A journal dealing with Crete from Pre-History up to Turcocratia.
CRETSUP Cretan Studies,Books dealing with Crete from Pre-History up to Turcocratia..
EBYZ Enzyklopaedie der Byzantinistik
GHIST Geographica Historica
HFF Publications of the Henri Frankfort Foundation
IB Publications of the Institute for Balkan Studies
IROM Itinera Romana
ISPAP American Studies in Papyrology
LEXAP Lexicon in Apollonii Rhodii Argonautica,ed.Franz Reich
LEXICO Lexicon of the Greek and Roman Cities and Place Names in Antiquity,c.1500 B.C.- c.A.D.500.
LEXIKO Lexikon der Byzantinistik
LEXIS Lexis.Poetica,retorica e comunicazione nella tradizione classica.
LEXRT in 4 Lexis'Research Tools Serie in 4
LEXRT in 8 Lexis’ Research Tools Serie in 8
LEXSAP Lexis Ancient Philosophy
LEXSUP Lexis, Supplement
LEXSUP,N.S. Lexis,Supplement,New Series
MHUNG Monumenta Antiquitatis Extra Fines Hungariae Reperta
NHIR Nederlands Historisch Instituut te Rome, Archaeologische Studien
PONTPRO Pontic Provinces of the later Roman Empire
SAE Studia Amstelodamensia ad epigraphicam, ius antiquum et papyrologicam pertinentia
SMEER Schwarzmeer Studien
SPATR Stromata Patristica et Mediaevalia
SPP Studien zur Palaeographie und Papyruskunde
TPAL Tabulae Palaeographicae
ZBYZ Zetemata Byzantina